2017-2018 District Event Resources

2017 Chapter Leadership Conference:

Friday June 3 – Saturday June 4

This year’s Chapter Leadership Conference was hosted by the Zeta Nu and Eta Pi chapters of Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.


Schedule of Events and Workshops

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Officer Presentations:

Effective Communicating between Chapters, Sponsors, and DOBs — Jessica Stookey, TBS President

Taking Effective Minutes — Val Jardon, TBS Secretary Treasurer

Creating and Maintaining Your Chapter’s Budget — Val Jardon, TBS Secretary Treasurer

Non-Profit Accounting — Ahnika Leroy, KKY Secretary Treasurer

KKY and TBS: What’s the Difference? — Susie Geiger, Ahnika Leroy, Collin Richardson, and Tate Williams

Good vs. Bad Leaders — Alyssa Michelle Olsen, KKY Vice President

Service with a Purpose — Jesse Granados, KKY President



District Day #1: TBA

District Day #2: TBA

District Day #3: TBA