Bid to Host a District Event

About our Midwest District Events:

The Midwest District hold five different District wide events each year. The first District event is the Chapter Leadership Conference which is held in late May or early June. Then in the Fall semester, we host two District Days over a weekend of the host chapter’s choosing. In the Spring, we have one District Day and then we host a District¬†Convention. The District Convention is held annually at various chapters throughout the Midwest. Chapters bid for the honor of hosting the Midwest District convention. If you have any questions about hosting a District Event or how the bid process works or how to fill out your bid, please contact a District Officer.

Bid to Host District Convention

Your chapter can bid to host convention with or without a co-host from the opposite organization. Co-hosts DO NOT have to be on-site but must be included in the bidding and planning process. You must submit the form above to indicate your intention to bid for convention. This allows the Joint Councils to offer feedback and any assistance you may need in order to prepare the best bid possible.

Note: Bidding has officially closed for the 2018 District Convention, but feel free to utilize the resources below as a frame of reference if your chapter is considering putting in a bid to host the 2019 Convention. That declaration of intent form will be posted later in the year.

2018 Declaration of Intent to Bid to Host Convention(DUE MAY 3RD)
MWD Convention Bidding Guidelines
Host Chapter Guide

Bid to Host District Non-Convention Events

Your chapter can bid to host Chapter Leadership Conference (a weekend devoted to fostering leadership within KKY and TBS) and/or host a District Day (a weekend devoted to continually striving to better our chapters to better serve bands). District Events are a great way for a chapter to become involved at the district level and require relatively low planning on behalf of the host chapter. You really only need to coordinate meeting spaces and technology, socializing activities for an evening, and places for brothers and sisters to crash for a night.

Application to Host a Midwest District Event 2017-2018 (DUE May 13)
MWD District Event Guidelines