Meet your 2017-2018 TBS MWD Council: Vice President for Membership Susie Geiger

Hello, Midwest District!

My name is Susie Geiger (born Susanna Lea Geiger). I was born and raised in Abilene Kansas, the boyhood home of Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe and President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower (they taught me to advertise that as much as possible growing up). I am a junior at the University of Kansas studying Economics with a plan to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration and a career in city/county management.  I have been a member of the Marching Jayhawks and proud KU Football enthusiast for three years. I played saxophone my freshman year, switched to sousaphone my sophomore year and never looked back. I have also been a member of the amazing Zeta Delta chapter since freshman year and served on the executive board for two years.  Outside of Tau Beta Sigma, a few of my other involvements include Student Advocates for Financial Education, being a peer mentor for the Office of First Year Experience, and Alternative Breaks.

I enjoy watching bad movies, eating profuse amounts of movie theatre popcorn, going on road trips to the many treasures of the midwest, playing tennis, running 5Ks, looking at pictures of pugs, watching golden age Simpsons (season 2 through 8) with my sister, and doing/saying things so ironically it’s  pretty much entirely sincere (Go Cats!).  A few fun facts about me: 1.) I’ve had a fear of balloons since childhood (globophobia), 2.) I’m 5 inches taller than both my parents, and 3.) I’ve been on three “Clark Sanders Baseball Adventures,” so you can say I have lots of experience being the youngest person on the charter bus.

Looking forward to another great year on the Midwest District Council!

Focuses of the MWD VPM: Plan and implement all District projects dealing with membership, receive, evaluate, and approve all chapter Membership Education Programs, encourage membership retention and continuing education programs in Midwest chapters, serve as a resource for chapters when they have membership-related questions/issues/concerns, and facilitate membership education workshops and discussions at District events.

Meet your 2017-2018 TBS MWD Council: Vice President for Special Projects Collin Richardson

Collin Richardson joined the Sisterhood in the Fall of 2014 and is an Active Member of the Zeta Delta chapter at the University of Kansas where he is pursuing a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Russian Language. Collin has served on the MWDAC, and as a Focus on Five Liaison for Zeta Delta as well as Vice President of Membership. At KU, Collin is an alto saxophone rank leader for the Marching Jayhawks and plays percussion in University Band.

Collin is originally from Lenexa, Kansas and frequently spends time in downtown Kansas City. He spends a lot of time outside and loves frisbee golfing and kayaking but most of the time he’s just chilling doing homework with friends or his cat, Rita.


Focuses of the MWD VPSP: Recording chapters’ completion of Fo5 and other national programs (with #4gr8rchapters umbrellaed under Fo5), overseeing district awards and recognition within the MWD, and updating the MWD history document.

Meet your 2017-2018 TBS MWD Council: Secretary/Treasurer Val Jardon

Val Jardon joined Tau Beta Sigma in 2014 and is the newest Midwest District Tau Beta Sigma officer! As a member of the Zeta Delta chapter, Val has served as the Vice President for Service. Service is one of Val’s greatest passions; she is a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts and has earned the Bronze and Silver Award, has assisted in the training of service dogs, and is an active volunteer on campus and in the community, serving as a volunteer for the Center of Community Outreach. In 2015, Val was awarded the “Outstanding New Sister of Tau Beta Sigma Midwest District” award.

Val is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Kansas, and is also minoring in music with a saxophone emphasis. Music is one of her other passions, as she is a member of volleyball band, marching band, basketball band, and saxophone quartets. For the 2017-2018 school year, Val will be the section leader of the alto saxophones in the KU Marching Jayhawks. In her free time, Val enjoys playing softball, taking naps, and making smoothies.

Focuses of the MWD SecTreas: Recording, publishing and distributing meeting minutes, organizing fundraising activities, keeping track of all funds deposited and withdrawn via updating of the budget and running ledger, updating social media and the MWD website.

Meet your 2017-2018 TBS MWD Council: President Jessica McAdam (soon to be Stookey!)

My name will be Jessica Stookey starting July 1st, and I’m excited to be the Midwest President for the 2017-2018 school year! I’m going to be a super senior at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Elementary and Middle Level Education, minoring in K-8 Science, and specializing in Math and Social Studies. I play the clarinet in the Panther Marching Band. I have a cat named Callie, and she’s the best, I also love cheese and the color blue.

     In Zeta Nu, I have been the Vice President for Membership, President, and Parliamentarian. I was also the 2016-2017 Midwest District Vice President for Membership. I have attended 3 District Conventions, and soon 2 National Conventions. Being in Tau Beta Sigma has brought so many relationships into my life, the best one being David Stookey, my future husband!
.Focuses of the MWD President: Creating meeting agendas, leading MWD meetings, assisting in the planning of Convention, assisting in the planning of District Days & events, MWDAC, helping chapters with leadership development, the Constitution, OMRS, Chapter Operations, and updating the website.

Tau Beta Sigma/Kappa Kappa Psi Meet Up in Ireland for St Patrick’s Day

Tau Beta Sigma – Zeta Omega Chapter and Kappa Kappa Psi – Eta Upsilon participated in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Festival parade in Dublin, Ireland, on March 17, 2016, with Marching Mizzou. We met up with Kappa Kappa Psi – Xi chapter from the Colorado School of Mines before the parade! We are very excited to see them in a couple weeks in Kearney, Nebraska, for Midwest District Convention 2016!


What’s Zeta Delta Been Up To?

The sisters of the Zeta Delta chapter have been working really hard this semester!

Over the winter break, some sisters continued to run our basketball concessions stand for the men’s basketball games (in case you haven’t heard, they’re kind of a big deal), but one big project we volunteered for was moving music files out of the orchestra library in Murphy Hall. The library was undergoing a large renovation project over break, so help was needed to move music and filing cabinets in and out of the room. With the joint efforts of graduate students, Tau Betas, and Kappas, we tackled the task at hand in less than a day! After that project, we helped host the Marching Jayhawks Band Banquet with our Kappa brothers and gave out our annual scholarship to a senior female who is not in Tau Beta Sigma and exemplifies the 8s & 5s in their daily life. After that wrapped up, we continued working for the men’s basketball games and having our weekly chapter meetings. At our first meeting, we outlined some goals that we would like to accomplish for the Spring semester. We came up with the following:

  • Keep an agenda to be efficient at meetings
  • Create committees to prepare for convention (we created the Awards committee and Scrapbooking committee)
  • Plan service events that include more community involvement
  • Involve more retention activities and games in meetings

With those in progress or being implemented now, our meetings are really fun and educational, but they don’t last for more than an hour.

As far as our monthly serving of service, Zeta Delta did a lot! We really pride ourselves on being one of the main groups that the School of Music goes to first to help with any projects or events, so we had a busy month of volunteering. During the month of February, the School of Music hosted high school students for a weekend called the Prairie Winds Festival. Tau Betas helped with registration, proctoring auditions, and setting up the food for the weekend. In the weekends to follow, there were auditions to be accepted into the School of Music. Our chapter also pitched in by spending our Saturdays guiding students around Murphy Hall and occasionally giving tours of the entire campus for the prospective students. Our sisters really enjoyed helping out the School of Music in the month of February!

Next time on What’s Zeta Delta Been Up To?: Tau Betas volunteering at Jazz Festival, hosting a Girl Scouts workshop, and helping when our new uniforms come back in from the dry cleaners. Check back with us soon!

Delta Xi’s Participation in National Programs by Elyse Carter

This semester for the Delta Xi Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma has been extremely eventful! We have hosted two National Programs and have been able to achieve all 5 of our stripes and 2 of our Lyre Pieces by doing so much within and outside our chapter.

First, towards the beginning of this semester, we hosted a Crescendo Event at the St. Patrick’s Elementary School in Rolla, MO. We had an instrument petting zoo that allowed kids to try out any instrument they wanted to and learn about instruments they may not know much about. It was an extremely rewarding experience and we were told to come back to allow for future students to have the same opportunity.

Second, we hosted a Women In Music Speaker named Rachel Gray. She is a Kappa Kappa Psi Alumna of the Epsilon Psi Chapter at Missouri State. Rachel has been a music teacher at a k-12 school in Crocker, MO for the past 6 years and loves it. She shared with us all of her struggles being a female in the music education field and expressed how she wishes she would have pushed herself harder. However, she was able to find a place that works for her and has helped the band at her school group over the years she has been there. The students did not like her at first but they love her now.

Finally, we are hosting ANOTHER Women In Music Speaker this coming month. Her name is Cassie Renner and she is currently a Percussion teacher at Eureka High School. There is not much knowledge about her background yet, but I do know that she has had a really hard time being taken seriously in her position because it is not common for women to pursue the percussion lifestyle.

Overall, Delta Xi has had a wonderful semester and year when it comes to participating in National Programs. I am so proud of all we have accomplished and cannot wait to see all of our sisters and brothers at the MWD Convention in Kearney, Nebraska this month.

National Programs – March #4gr8rchapters by Maddie Hirsch

The month of March was extremely busy for the Zeta Omega chapter because Marching Mizzou went to Ireland! The trip was a ton of fun and we even got to see Kappa Kappa Psi’s Xi chapter in the St. Patrick’s Day Dublin parade!

Anyways, since the month of March was cut a bit short we have a ton in store for April and May! On April 13, 2016, at 7 p.m. we have our Women in Music speaker event! Professor Megan Arns, the associate professor of percussion, will be giving a presentation that is open to our entire university. We are really excited because she is an awesome woman who has so much knowledge to share with us!

Then on May 6, 2016, we are doing our second crescendo event of the year at a local after school club program. Our service chair, Max, is planning new stations for this kids to participate in such as crafts, conducting, instrument bingo and more! This event takes place on Stop Day/Reading Day, so it will be our last event of the 2015-2016 school year.

The Zeta Omega chapter is really excited for these events and we will post pictures on our social media pages after them! Check us out at or @MUTauBeta on Twitter!



Girl Scouts: The Future of Women in Music by Zeta Delta

Tau Beta Sigma – Zeta Delta held a workshop with the local girl scouts on exploring music in order to receive a badge on music education. Mariah Black, our current Vice President of Service took the lead on this project and worked on contacting local troops and assigning roles to chapter actives. With her help, we were able to hold an excellent presentation that covered everything from pop music to the national anthems of Japan and Australia.

With the lead of our actives, we were able to get the scouts on their feet, dancing and reacting to the many different types of emotions, feelings and moods associated with different types of music. We were also able to showcase a number of different instruments and compositions. While the experience might have been thoroughly entertaining to the girls that I danced and spoke with, it definitely revealed a new understanding to music and the different types that are out there. For example, many hadn’t known that the duo ‘Icono Pop’ actually came from another country – Sweden to be exact.

As much as we had fun, this really served to be an introduction to the world of music for the junior scouts. We had an incredible amount of fun being able to see them smile, laugh and react to different types of music. Something else we noticed however, was the intrigue that was sparked during the presentation. Many of the scouts went on to say that they were very much interested in joining bands next year. They talked about being able to play instruments from the tuba to the flute. With no doubt, this proves that the future of women in music is brighter than ever.

#4Gr8rChapters at Theta Mu by Julie Bruns

Dear MWD sisters,

For this month, the #4Gr8rChapters focus is on Tau Beta Sigma’s National Programs. This school year, Theta Mu participated in the Women in Music Speaker Series program. We hosted Dr. Carolyn Barber, the Director of Bands at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, to come speak to us about her experiences as a woman college band director. It was great for our whole music department to have the opportunity to hear her story.

In addition, Theta Mu also received our blue stripe and center lyre piece for the Focus on Five Campaign. As a chapter, we have been striving to receive all of the stripes and lyre pieces, and are close to completing the entire flag. This campaign has been a great way for our chapter to get more involved and participate in activities that are based on the ideals of Tau Beta Sigma.



Julie Bruns

Historian/ Focus on Five Liaison

Theta Mu- University of Nebraska Kearney